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ERL Mint impresses Kenya

ERL through ERL Marketing International ( ERL Mint ) has successfully integrated the Substation Automation System (SAS) and commissioned the Control Relay Panels at Neyeri Sub Station , Kenya . ERL had to integrate two other supplier's equipment (ABB and CGL) as part of the SAS too and we had been quite successful. KPLC was very happy and appreciative about the performance of ERL in getting the SAS up and running. This encouraged the utility (KPLC) to award ERL Mint a new order through Etrade. This was for 66kV Substation panels with SAS located at Lokhichar. The new order includes supply of 66kV CRP, SAS, training for CRP & SAS and commissioning of our system at site. Eight more packages are tendered by KPLC and we are confident that ERL Mint will bag more orders soon.

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