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ERL spreads its wings to Bahrain


ERL have had a strong presence in the Middle East and now we are glad to share that we have reached a new milestone there. The testing and commissioning of our first Sub-harmonic Protection Relay- S PRO 4000 and Disturbance Fault Recorder - TESLA 4000 in Bahrain was done for the Al Ezzel Power Company from the 27th to 31st May, 2014. Mr. Dinesh Joshi from ERL Marketing International, Dubai  and Mr. Rene Midence of ERL Phase Power Technologies, Canada, spearheaded this initiative and made sure it was a big success. Three engineers of AEPC and four engineers from Sohar Power Co, Oman attended the event. They were impressed and the engineers from Sohar carefully observed the work so that they could replicate it for their own plant. This is a good start and could generate more business soon.

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