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S-PRO Gets Featured in TD World Magazine

It’s a matter of pride that our S-PRO Sub-Harmonic Protection Relay has been featured in the popular Transmission & Distribution World magazine in one of its articles on Xcel Energy, the company who successfully installed the relay to detect sub-harmonic oscillations in their wind generation system.

In 2007, when a flashover occurred as Xcel’s equipment was brought online, triggering protection schemes at the generating station and this called for equipment like the S-PRO Sub-Harmonic Protection Relay. Subsequent analysis revealed that fault recorders operating at the time had captured high levels of sub-harmonic oscillations that had gone undetected until that time.

The article in the TD World magazine, “Xcel Tames the Wind”, captures in vivid detail the engineers’ experiences as they worked with ERLPhase to develop the new protection relay, S-PRO that would help solve such problems in the future.

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