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Numerical Directional Overcurrent Protection Relay Type : MIT 121


The MIT121 is microcontroller based numerical true RMS single pole directional overcurrent protection with voltage polarisation, and the relay will operate depending on the direction of fault current and relay setting. MIT 121 - Single pole directional overcurrent protection


  • Distribution Feeders
  • Transmission Lines
  • Solidly or resistance grounded systems
Standard Features
Numerical, true RMS measurement
Both 1A & 5A CT inputs in one relay
Wide range for current & time settings
Both DC & AC auxiliary supply available
Drawout modular case (150X151mm cutout )
Compact design
Non-volatile memory for trip indication
Self-monitoring facility
7 segment LED display
Status indication LEDs
Sealable front cover to prevent unauthorised access
Directional phase & ground fault with voltage polarisation (67 P, 67 N)
6 output contacts
Unit Price: USD 655.00

MIT 121-131.pdf

Technical Manual

MIT121-131 Manual.pdf

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