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Numerical Biased Differential Protection Relay Type : MIB 202


MIB 202 works on the current differential principle and takes the current inputs from both the ends of two winding power transformer and auto transformer. It provides stability against magnetic inrush conditions. Load/through fault stability is achieved through bias setting provided in the relay. It operates only for internal faults


  • Two winding power transformers
  • Auto transformers
  • Biased differential protection for generators
Standard Features
Numerical, true RMS measurement
Both 1A & 5A CT inputs in one relay
Both DC & AC auxiliary supply available
Drawout modular case (150X151mm cutout )
Compact design
Non-volatile memory for trip indication
Self-monitoring facility
7 segment LED display
Status indication LEDs
Sealable front cover to prevent unauthorised access
Biased differential (87)
Instantaneous differential highset
Integrated current amplitude multiplier & vector group compensation
No interposing C.Ts required
3-slope adjustable bias setting
Immune to magnetic inrush
5 output contacts
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pdtspec4_01(MIB 202).pdf

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