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Numerical Neutral Displacement Protection Relays Type : MVT 171


MVT 171 is a neutral displacement protection unit, comprising two elements, namely element 1 & element 2, there by offering two stages of protection. Element 1, the first stage of protection is provided with Definite Time Lag (DTL). Element 2 has DTL or numerous IDMTL curves. One of the elements can also be put off, when it is not necessary.


  • Capacitor bank
  • Ungrounded/High impedance earthed systems
  • AC Generators
Standard Features
Both DC & AC auxiliary supply availableDraw out modular case (150X151mm cutout )
Compact designNon-volatile memory for trip indication
Self-monitoring facility7 segment LED display
Status indication LEDsSealable front cover to prevent unauthorised access
6 output contactsNumerical, fundamental timed measurement
Highly immune to harmonicsUnbalanced voltage (47)
System earthfaultStator earthfault/neutral over voltage (59 N)
Dual protection stagesBoth IDMTL & DTL curve characteristics available
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MVT 171.pdf

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