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iGIS : SF6 Ring Main Unit (RMU)


iGIS : Ring Main Unit (RMU)


iGIS Ring Main Unit (RMU) demonstrates a highly innovative and modern design that complements the latest production technology from Germany. iGIS guarantees highest accuracies and realizes almost 100% gas tightness. Manufactured with the latest filling and testing techniques, iGIS undoubtedly has a superior performance in the market of SF6 gas insulated ring main units. iGIS is a state of the art medium voltage switchgear that not only guarantees high operational safety, but also has a reliable indication of switching positions. The panels are type tested as per IEC standard 62271-200

While utilizing the most modern design for Ring Main Units, the GLX24 also features the use of the most advanced manufacturing technology world wide. With laser cutting and punching machines from TRUMF (Germany), accuracy is guaranteed; the laser welding machine, also from TRUMPF, ensures 100% gas tightness, together with advanced filling and testing devices. Fuse holder and circuit breakers peruse the newest the newest in AGP process. This makes the GLX a world leader in technology.

GLX24 has already successfully been type tested in institutes around the world,including KEMA. Designed for MV network up to 24 kV, power stations, all the important industries, the versatile design of the GLX24, in both extendability and compact versions, ensures safe power supply for all.


Major Technical Highlights of RMU

The RMU's tested at Short circuit current of 21.5kA-3s & 25kA- 1s, to have better strength against short circuit forces. Microprocessor based LASER welding is used for stainless steel gas tank, which is superior to Robotic/Manual TIG welding. This ensures complete leak-tight gas tank for the entire product life of 20 years, ensuring a leakage rate of 0.02% per Annam only & being lowest in the market. A state of the art Design , which ensures Insulation agility worth a partial discharge value less than 4 pf.



  • MV network up to 24 kV
  • Power Stations and Industries
  • Indoor and Outdoor Versions
Standard Features
Modular compact designFully extensible and flexible
Common or single gas tank solutionDesigned for up to 24 kV
Easily applicable to outdoor areasExtreme compact dimensions: 350 mm x 800 mm x 1380 mm
ITP fuse holderITP circuit breaker
Top and Bottom Cable EntryDesigned for Intelligent Network
Environment Friendly
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