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iSIS : Intelligent Solid Insulated Switchgear


iSIS: The Intelligent Solid Insulated Switchgear establishes a new benchmark for safety, reliability and compactness for the medium voltage switchgear. Solid Insulation Technology eliminates the need for dangerous polluting gases in switchgear applications at the same time makes the product more compact.


  • Incoming and outgoing feeders
  • Bus risers and sectionalizers
  • Metering panels
  • Tie panels
  • Variety of switchgear panels in single and double bus bar variants
Standard Features
Compact and space saving
Standardized dimensions across all ratings
Environment friendly no Greenhouse gases
Epoxy insulated active parts
Independently earthed compartments
Each phase is independently metal-clad
Fire, explosion and water proof
Totally maintenance free
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2015/9/iSIS Brochure.pdf

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