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Medium Voltage Switchgear


The Product range includes the following:

TRUMP 1 : Indoor Metal Clad Vacuum Switchgear (3.3kV/6.6kV/11kV)
TRUMP 1 : Outdoor Metal Clad Vacuum Switchgear Kiosk (3.3kV/6.6kV/11kV)
SPARK 1 : Outdoor Porcelain Clad Vacuum Switchgear (3.3kV/6.6kV/11kV)
SPARK 3 : Outdoor Porcelain Clad Vacuum Switchgear (22kV/33kV)


TRUMP 1 - Control & protection of underground cables, transformers, motors and capacitor banks

SPARK 1 & 3 - Control & protection of overhead lines, transformers, motors and capacitor banks

Standard Features
Floor mounting, free standing & simple installation type
Extensible on both sides(br>
Fully enclosed design suitable for IP4X and IP5X
Compact design and minimal maintenance
Fully compartmentalized design (separate chambers for breaker, bus bar, cable & CT and instruments & relays)
Horizontal draw out and horizontal isolation design
Various interlocks and automatic metallic independent safety shutters
Suitable for installation in open hot & humid atmosphere
Designed & type tested conforming to standards IS 13118 & IEC 62271-100
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