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Numerical Overcurrent Protection Relay Type : ARGUS 1


ARGUS range of numerical over current protection devices combines the power and flexibility of microprocessor technology with decades of experience in the field of over current protection.A wide range of protection elements and characteristics are supplemented by advanced features such as metering, data storage and test functions as communications.Supervisory components and self-monitoring algorithms give high confidence of full serviceability. A menu-based interface gives user-friendly access to relay settings, meters and fault data.

The Argus range consists of single pole, three pole and four pole numeric over current relays. Three pole units can be configured as three phase or as two phase-and-earth protection. Single pole relays can be configured as phase or earth elements. These compact units are housed in withdrawable size E4 (single element) and E6 (multiple elements) cases.The serial communications interface allows retrieval of waveform, fault information and event record data files. It also give access to metering values.

A trip counter and I2 summation feature provides information for circuit breaker predictive maintenance. Settings can be viewed or altered remotely, with security provided by a password feature. Eight independent settings groups are available and may be selected manually or remotely.Up to 254 Argus relays can be connected together in a ring network and addressed individually, without the need for additional data concentration equipment. Networks can be accessed remotely over the telephone network by the use of a modem.


  • Radial Feeders
  • Capacitor banks
  • Transformers and reactors
Standard Features
Protection functions include IEEE devices 50P/51P, 50N/51N, 50BF, 50 N/64R
Trip circuit supervision, CT supervision and Circuit breaker maintenance
Up to 9 programmable digital inputs and up to 11 programmable outputs
8 independent setting groups
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