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Numerical Self Powered Overcurrent Protection Relay Type : MJT314 B&C


MJT 314B (Self powered numerical over current protection) & MJT 314C (Self powered with series trip numerical over current protection) relay combines the power and flexibility of microprocessor technology with decades of experience in the field of protection. A wide range of protection elements and characteristics are supplemented by advance features such as metering, fault recorder and communication. MJT 314 (B&C) offers inverse time and definite time over current protection for phase fault and earth fault with communication


  • Distribution Feeders
  • Transmission lines
  • AC machines
  • Capacitor banks
  • Transformers
  • Used in Compact MV Switch boards with CB
  • Where Auxiliary Voltage is not available or guaranteed
Standard Features
IDMTL/DTL phase and earth fault over current (50/51, 50N/51N)
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