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Power System Recorder Type : TESLA LITE


TESLA LITE is an economical user-friendly multi-timeframe power system recorder that provides multifunctional recording and event logging with advanced communications. This easy to use multi-time frame recording system records 12AC currents, 6 voltage channels and 38 digital (status) channels and stores 250 recordings in on board memory.

The TESLA LITE records data simultaneously in three time domains: High speed transient fault (seconds), Low speed dynamic swing (minutes)and continuous trend (10 Second to 1 hour intervals). a wide variety of triggers are available to initiate recording

The intuitive TESLA control panel user interface software configures the recorder, retrieves and manages records and displays real time measured values. Control Panel also includes Record graph, a graphical record display and analysis software tool.

These features make TESLA LITE a cost effective independent and complete recording solution for small substations.


  • Complete power system recording for custom applications in smaller substations
  • User- Configurable trend recording
  • Data compression for fast file transfer.
Standard Features
Economical yet complete power system recording for custom applications in smaller substations
Easy to use intuitive software
Simultaneous transient fault, dynamic swing and trend recording and event logging
Fault location derived from single and calculated currents
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